Thursday, June 7, 2018

Soil Investigation: Hougang

The spread of soil investigation boreholes around Hougang as of 6 June 2018.
Since 2016, Soil Investigations have been noted around different areas of Hougang. These stretch from along the border with Defu at Hougang Avenue 7 and reach to Hougang Avenue 2 at the junction with Yio Chu Kang Road.

Through 2017 and 2018, the number of rigs and boreholes sighted have steadily increased. From Tampines Road (to be covered under Defu in a later post), the line of boreholes swing towards Hougang Avenue 7 and cut through the old estate near Holy Innocents Primary School.

2016.12.26 - Soil Investigation rig seen near Block 312 along Hougang Avenue 5. 
2018.06.05 - Borehole located outside landed property along Upper Serangoon Road

2018.06.05 - Borehole details
From here, the boreholes continue to be sighted roughly parallel to the existing Hougang North East Line (NEL) station. Continuing northbound, the sites have been noted to continue along Hougang Avenue 8 after Montfort Secondary School.

2018.06.05 - Boreholes in open field next to Hougang station

2018.06.05 - Borehole in the field next to Hougang station
2018.06.05 - Borehole located near blk 517 and 520, north of the existing Hougang station

2018.06.05 - Borehole details

2018.06.05 - Borehole near blk 517 and 520

2018.06.05 - Close up of above borehole

2018.06.05 - Borehole near blk 504

2018.06.05 - Borehole near blk 505

2018.06.05 - Close up of above borehole

Borehole near bus stop at Block 502 Hougang Avenue 8. June 2017.
The Soil Investigation sites cross over to Hougang Avenue 2 roughly around blocks 610, 611 and 620 on Hougang Avenue 8. Rigs have been spotted as recently as April 2018 up to Yio Chu Kang Road.

2018.06.05 - Borehole located near Hougang Village precinct

2018.06.05 - Hougang Village borehole

2018.06.05 - Additional borehole along Hougang Avenue 8

2017.06.04 - Soil Invesitgation rig seen near Block 610 along Hougang Avenue 8.
2018.06.05 - Resultant borehole near blk 610.

2018.06.05 - Blk 610 borehole details.

2017.06.04 - Soil Investigation rig along Hougang Avenue 2
2017.06.10 - Resultant borehole
It is likely that after curving northwards from Hougang station, the line will run along Hougang Avenue 2 to another station located at Serangoon North.

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