Wednesday, March 11, 2020

CPE: First look at the stations

Footprints & renders of the Cross Island Line Punggol Extension stations.
Source: Zaobao SG
The Chinese daily Zaobao has given us a better understanding of the station layouts and how they will look once 2031 comes around. The station footprints - essentially the outlines - can show where the entrances will be located and how long the stations stretch for. As mentioned in our post yesterday, the station outline for Elias station shows that it will be some distance away from the location of Elias Mall. However, the station will feature numerous subways connecting to entrances located nearer to the residential blocks and amenities in the area. Notably for Riviera, there is also some effort put in to ensure that the new station entrances are located closer to the existing LRT station, minimizing exposure of commuters to the weather elements and allowing for smoother connections.

Edited 12 March 2020 - LTA has updated with the official station footprints. We have updated our post to reflect these.

Station footprint (outline) for Elias.
Source: LTA
The station will be sited in the greenfield site, opposite blocks 708, 709, 712 and 713. The site is currently a vegetated hill which will surely make way to be leveled for construction of the station. It can be expected that the area around the station will be further developed with amenities such as shops and potentially new residential units. Unfortunately this means that residents in the above mentioned blocks may likely lose their sea-view in the years to come.

Elias station may have several entrances to help connect it to other areas in the vicinity, such as residential blocks further along Pasir Ris Drive 3 and nearer to the Elias Mall area. It also appears that the station may have entrances located near to 2 bus stops on either side of Pasir Ris Drive 3 which will help connect the station with services to areas further south within Pasir Ris and the nearby industrial area.

Station footprint (outline) for Riviera.
Source: LTA
Riviera station is located along Punggol Central. Due to the boxy nature of the station outline, it is hard to anticipate the number of entrances that the station will have. However, we can ascertain that there will be 2 entrances in close proximity to the existing Riviera LRT station. The station structure even crosses under the existing LRT line in order for entrance structures to be built on either side of Punggol East. These will serve the cluster of residential blocks nearby and also the Tebing Lane container park eateries nearby, along the Sungei Serangoon Park Connector.

Station footprint (outline) for Punggol.
Source: LTA
Lastly, Punggol station will see the station expand considerably. With CRL trains reaching lengths of up to 8 cars once capacity warrants, the station will effectively double in size. Shaped like a "+", the CRL platforms will presumably connect directly to the North East Line (NEL) platforms as well as a new concourse which will be located at roughly the same level as the NEL platforms. The CRL concourse is expected to enable new entrances to be built and connected to the station as the current NEL concourse is only located at street level, preventing subway connections from being added on. The CRL station may also utilize the existing underpass, crossing under Punggol Central, built into the current NEL station as an additional entrance point.

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