Tuesday, March 10, 2020

CPE: Cross Island Line Punggol Extension

Cross Island Line 1 with Punggol Extension
Source: LTA
This morning during a ministerial visit to the worksite for the North-East Line extension, the Land Transport Authority unveiled the Cross Island Line Punggol extension (CPE). The extension stretches for 7.3km from Pasir Ris to Punggol. Intermediate stops are located at Elias (Pasir Ris West) and Riviera (tap out transfer to Punggol LRT east loop).

A view of Pasir Ris East West Line station with the Cross Island Line station site in
the foreground. 25 February 2019
The first station on the extension is Pasir Ris interchange. Already being developed as transfer point between the Cross Island Line phase 1 and the East West Line, the CPE will connect to this station as well. It is to our understanding that Pasir Ris will employ a stacked island station configuration, with the CPE tracks using the lower platform level.

Elias station will be located along Pasir Ris Drive 3 and serve Pasir Ris Drive 12. As such, the location will be expected
to be further away from Elias Mall.
Source: The Straits Times
Realistically, the line only brings rail service to 1 new area which is not currently served efficiently by rail - Elias. Albeit the station being tentatively called Elias, based on media reports, it appears that the station will be site near a greenfield area yet to be developed, opposite the former Siglap Secondary School.

Photo of the potential site for Elias station. 25 February 2019.
This is slightly off-centre from the hub of activity focused around Elias Mall, probably where most would expect a station named 'Elias' to be located.

Elias station, meanwhile, will be located near the residential blocks of Pasir Ris Drive 3, industrial developments at Pasir Ris Drive 12 and Elias Mall.
Excerpt above from The Straits Times.

Riviera station, meanwhile, will feature a tap out transfer connection with the existing Punggol LRT station located on the east loop. It can be anticipated that there will be a short walk required as the LRT station does not sit along Punggol Central where the MRT station is likely to be located.

Cross section of Punggol station.
Source: VertixAP

Cross section of Punggol station.
Source: VertixAP
From our earlier post on Punggol, we can see how the Cross Island Line (CRL) station will connect to the existing station, running underneath the North East Line (NEL) platforms. Connections to the CRL platforms will be through both the northern and southern ends of the NEL platforms for ease of transfer and the new platforms will be of the side platform configuration.

In terms of operation, currently it is not very clear as the line from Pasir Ris to Punggol is represented on the network map as a solid line, in contrast to the Changi Airport branch line which is represented with a white stripe for instance. Also there is still several years before this section of the line becomes operational, hence operational patterns for the line may differ between now and 2031 when the line is expected to be commercially ready for operations.

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