Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Renders - Indicative of station locations

Recently, we came across a few renders for stations along the Cross Island Line (CRL) and Jurong Region Line (JRL - you can view these here). Two of these show Ang Mo Kio station and potentially how it integrates with the existing North South Line (NSL) station.

A render showing Ang Mo Kio station at Street level.
Source: LinkedIn

From the render, it can bee seen that there are new links to the NSL platforms on the southern end. A new station extension on the east can be seen, on a portion of Ang Mo Kio Town Garden East. Bicycle paths stretching across Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 and integrated with the station architecture can be seen as well - this remains to be seen as to whether the final station design will incorporate such features.

Interior renders of Ang Mo Kio and Tampines Road stations.
Source: LinkedIn
A further two renders show the interiors of Ang Mo Kio and a Tampines Road station. We figure that the Tampines Road station may be located where our post on a Defu station may be. The Ang Mo Kio station render shows a wide island platform, with half the width capable of accommodating a bank of 3 escalators. It is expected that these may lead to the NSL transfer.

Based on the render, this is the potential layout of Ang Mo Kio station.
Credit: y2koh
Tampines Road station appears to be of a side platform configuration. With reference to the post on construction firsts - where it is mentioned that a single bore tunnel constructed using a large diameter tunnel boring machine is being explored for CRL construction - the use of such construction techniques would require the stations to use a side platform layout the reduce the need for extended sections of disruptive cut and cover construction. This site does a great job of explaining the design process in greater detail with reference to the Washington DC Metro.

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