Monday, April 1, 2019

CRL1 : Pre-qualification for contracts

Last week the Land Transport Authority (LTA) released the tender for pre-qualification of civil contracts for phase 1 of the Cross Island Line (CRL1). The pre-qualification is for 15 civil contracts which involve various types of construction - depot construction, tunnel construction, station construction or a combination of any of the three. Contracts run from CR101 to CR117, skipping any numbers with '4' included - standard practice for LTA contract numbering since the Nicoll Highway incident.

We take a look at the expected contract boundaries for the 15 civil works contracts currently under pre-qualification.

Credit: y2koh

CR101 - Construction of Changi East depot and associated infrastructure. This contract does not involve any work beyond the depot boundary.

CR102 - Construction of tunnels. From the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) draft master plan 2019 map, tunnels linking towards Terminal 5 can be seen continuing past the Aviation Park station, separate from reception tracks towards the depot. Tunnels between these 3 points will be constructed under a separate contract.

CR103 - Construction of Aviation Park station and associated infrastructure. We expect that the contract boundaries will be located on either side of the station. Launch shafts, if any, will be located beyond the contract border.

Credit: y2koh

CR105 - Large diameter single bore tunnel construction. This tunnel-only construction contract will employ the use of a single, large tunnel bore which will run under Changi Airport. As such, contract boundaries can be expected on either end of the large tunnel section.

CR106 - Construction of Loyang station and tunnels. This contract calls for the construction of both a station and tunnels towards Pasir Ris East station.

CR107 - Construction of Pasir Ris East station and associated infrastructure. As the only contract involving just station construction, it is unlikely that there would be any launch shafts located adjacent to this site. Potential reception of tunnel boring machines (TBM) may be done within the station box with the TBM shields abandoned in-situ to minimise any movement or disruption at street level.

CR108 - Construction of Pasir Ris interchange and tunnels. This contract is likely to be more complex as the contract involves the station and tunnels in two bounds as well as a turn out junction for connection to the Punggol branch line.

Credit: y2koh

CR109 - Construction of Tampines North station and tunnels. It is expected that the contract will involve construction of tunnels up to the Tampines Industrial Park area.

CR110 - Second contract for construction of a large diameter bored tunnel. Similar to the tunnel undercrossing Changi Airport, this contract calls for the similar construction of a single large diameter bored tunnel which will be used for both bounds of travel. The contract will end next to Defu station.

Credit: y2koh

CR111 - Construction of Defu station and tunnels. This combination-type contract involves construction of the station box and tunnels linking to Hougang interchange.

CR112 - Construction of Hougang interchange and tunnels. Like the preceding contract, this contract involves construction of the station box and tunnels linking to Serangoon North station.

CR113 - Construction of Serangoon North station and tunnels. We understand that the tunnels in this contract may be of the cut & cover type, potentially for a cripple siding.

Credit: y2koh

CR115 - Construction of Tavistock station and tunnels. This contract calls for the construction of the station box and tunnels linking to Ang Mo Kio.

CR116 - Construction of Ang Mo Kio interchange and tunnels. This contract calls for the construction of the interchange station box and tunnels towards Teck Ghee station.

CR117 - Construction of Bright Hill interchange and tunnels. This contract calls for the construction of the interchange station box, the connection junction with the Thomson-East Coast Line, over run tunnels and tunnels linking with Teck Ghee station.

Not included in pre-qualification:
N109A - Design and Construction of North-South Corridor (Tunnel) between Sin Ming Avenue and Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3. This contract has been awarded to Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co (Singapore) Pte Ltd which includes the construction of Teck Ghee station under the North South Expressway tunnels.

Pre-qualification for the civil works contracts ends on 30 April 2019. Prior to the award of the contracts, there is likely to be a second round of pre-qualification released in conjunction with the floating of tenders for the bidding of the actual contracts, which can be expected in the second half of the year.

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  1. I seem to recall that a section of CRL tunnels were built under the Eunoia JC project?